Aage Hareide - VitaePro Ambassador

"It's important that the body is healthy"


Aage Hareide is former football player and is still working on the highest level in the world of football coaching the Danish national team. He wants to do the things he does 100% and to make most out of it every day and the people he works with. 

Aage is always focusing on living a healty life and knows the importance of thinking long-term. With a busy schedule it's not always easy to ensure your body gets what it needs. Therefore Aage Hareide is supplementing by eating VitaePro:


 "A car needs fuel otherwise it stops, the same goes for the body. With age it's important for me to take care of my body to be able to maintain the high level of activity. I have to be better at looking after myself and that's why I eat VitaePro."

- Aage Hareide, manager of the Danish national team 


VitaePro has been a natural part of the family for many years:


 "I know a lot of people eating VitaePro i.a. my wife. When you get that much in one dietary supplement, it's highly recommended. My auntie says that se can't live without them at all, and I'll eat them in order to maintain a healthy body as long as possible. Also you know what it contains and then it's easy to recoomend it to other people."

- Aage Hareide, manager of the Danish national team 


Aage Hareide and VitaePro has entered a two year deal starting May 2018. 


For more information

Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame, +45 28 34 07 24, mhf@f-reklame.dk