Bjorn Borg - Tuborg


The most iconic headband, Bjorn Borg's Tuborg headband, was an idea from the founder of f.reklame, Ole M. Frederiksen, in 1976. Ole consulted between Bjorn Borg, his management IMG and Tuborg. 

The first time Bjorn Borg played in Denmark was at Pondus Cup in Brondbyhallen on the 28th of April 1976. He met the tennis star Ilie Nastase in a packed Brondbyhallen. 6000 spectators saw Ilie Nastase beat Bjorn Borg. Later this year Bjorn Borg won his first of five consecutive Wimbldon titles.

This was the start to many years fantastic partnership and friendship between Ole M. Frederiksen and Bjorn Borg.