Frank Arnesen - Canal Digital
- A Clear Signal

Danish football legend Frank Aarnesen as front figure


Canal Digital achieved great success by using Frank Arnesen in their campaign 'A Clear Signal'. One of the most famous Danish football players of all time and former sporting director of i.a. PSV and Chelsea F.C., Frank Arnesen, accepted the offer of being the front figure of a new marketing campaign.

So far Canal Digital has been able to make great offers to their clients when it comes to international top football. However, Canal Digital can now also please their clients with a lot of matches from the Danish Super League. Therefore, the idea of the cooperation with Frank Arnesen is to send a clear message which indicates that the best Danish football also can be watched on Canal Digital.


"It is unusual to have the opportunity to work with a person like Frank Arnesen and also to use him in a commercial campaign. We are very enthusiastic about it.

"Our goal with this campaign is to make it clear that Canal Digital is able to show some fantastic and attractive football matches - also from the Danish Super League. At the same time we want to communicate that we are Denmark's leading provider of TV with the new impressive HD-quality. With this campaign we want to show that we take both HD and our clients very serious. A central message is therefore that the HD quality is now available for all our clients without purchasing extra TV-packages."

- Solveig Thane Moller, Marketing Manager, Canal Digital