Michael Laudrup - OTA Solgryn

- 200 Extra Tons of Oat Meal


In 2007 Michael Laudrup and OTA Solgryn entered an award-winning cooperation. Michael Laudrup became the new face of OTA Solgryn's TV commercials, the OTA Solgryn's package, and other related promotion material.

In 2008 the Ota Solgryn TV commercial with Laudrup was among the winners at the Advertising Effectiveness Award where the participants have to document the effects of their advertising campaign. This is where the competition differs from other kinds of advertising competitions which first of all award creative innovation. This is what the jury expressed:


"This celebrity branding case is made with such elegance and precision that the jury must express explicit respect".


The jury's great speech was followed by four big stars.


200 tons of extra oat meal

The sale of oat meal has been experiencing a period of stagnation but because of the cooperation with Michael Laudrup Ota Solgryn has sold 200 tons extra oat meal in six months - an increase of 16 percent. A fantastic goal scored by one of the biggest Danish sports profiles.


"We have never experienced such a great effect of a commercial before. All ready before the agreement with Michael Laudrup, Solgryn was one of the best selling breakfast cereals. Therefore an increase of 16 percent is a lot"

- Henrik Pasggard, Marketing Manager, Ota Solgryn


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