Michael Laudrup and PFA


Denmark’s largest pension company PFA Pension wants to put pension on the agenda and therefore they launched their new online tool – PFA Optimizer. This was a tool meant for better pension comparison across the Danish business community. Michael Laudrup was hired as a front man for this campaign


“It is very rare that Michael Laudrup agrees to cooperate with a company. Therefore, we are really happy that we together can create awareness about the importance of securing your future. All Danes can relate to Michael Laudrup, and he is associated with the most supreme within his field. We can not think of a better front man and door opener for us. Even though you have the knowledge about throw inns doesn’t necessarily mean that you know a great deal about returns”

- Lars Ellehave-Andersen, Vice President, PFA


“I’m soon about to turn fifty, and my existence as a pensioner is getting nearer, these being one of the reasons that I want to emphasize the importance of putting money aside for your pension. I have been so fortunate, that I have been able to set aside funds during my career, but not many have been so blessed. Therefor it is very important to create an understanding of what it takes to be able to have a stabil economi, when the career is over.”

- Michael Laudrup


Michael Laudrup signed a two-year deal with PFA pension in 2013. The campaign included national TV commercials, outdoor posters and other print material in newspapers, magazines etc.

He also participated in several events, among others a big event in The national stadium “Parken” for PFA clients and their children. There they had a unique opportunity to get coached by Michael Laudrup and spent a day in his company. Such an event was also held in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city.


For more information

Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame, +45 28 34 07 24, mhf@f-reklame.dk