Michael Maze - Butterfly

- A Lifelong Agreement

Lifelong agreements are not the most common in the world of sports. Never the less has one of the world's greatest table tennis players, Michael Maze, renewed his contract with the Japanese table tennis company Butterfly for the rest of his career - a period of minumum 10 years. The contract with Butterfly includes the use of clothes and shoes.

MAZE-BAT - The world's most selling

It is also through this cooperation that Michael Maze and Butterfly has developed a special Michael Maze table tennis bat. The bat is the most selling in world.


"We have chosen Michael Maze because he is so popular and highly respected among fans worldwide. His remarkable play, unique style and personality is extremely attractive for us and his fans. This is also very obvious when looking at how much we sell of the Michael Maze products. So, naturally, we are very pleased with the renewing of our contract. The cooperation began 15 years ago and our agreement will last until 2018. We are very impressed by Michael and we look forward to our continued cooperation."

- Yuki Kamizuru, European Manager, Butterfly


"Butterfly and I has always had a perfect cooperation. It is a great advantage to take part in the development of table tennis products. I am pleased it all can continue for long period of time."

- Michael Maze


Butterfly is the world's largest company within table tennis equipment. In Europe the company focuses on particular two players; The European champion Michael Maze and former European champion Timo Boll from Germany. They are both very popular in Asia.