Michael Maze - Carlsberg Sport
- A Facebook Campaign with 13,205 Enemies

Michael Maze and Carlsberg Sport entered a sponsor cooperation in January 2009.


Most Danish people know the commercial with the penguin who fought against Michael Maze or through Facebook where Michael Maze is maligned by the penguin, backed up by no less than 13,205 friends of the penguin. 

In connection with the campaign on Facebook, Lizanette G. Rasmussen, Product Manager of Carlsberg, Denmark, said:


"With this campaign we try to create some hype again and 'talk of town' about Carlsberg Sport. Michael Maze is a sports icon in the target group and he was therefore a perfect match to the campaign. The campaign is a serialized to the new commercial with the table tennis playing penguin. By using Facebook we thereby incorporate the sports star in our marketing - giving it a more untraditional approach."

- Lizanette G. Rasmussen, Product Manager, Carlsberg Danmark


"I think it is a very fun idea! With the incorporation of Facebook it makes it very different and innovative. It has been very fun to participate but also a bit provoking. The penguin has really been a pain sometimes :)."

- Michael Maze


Results sale and brand

The number of occasional users rose from 15 to 30 percent among all users, and from 30 to 35 percent in the target group.


Brand development

Increased awareness of the brand rose from 85 to 95 among all and from 90 to 100 percent in the target group.


Rose in the most important image parameters

Carlsberg Sport 'Gives new energy' rose from 15 to 30 percent among all users. Carlsberg Sport 'is cool' rose from 10 to 20 percent among all users. Carlsberg Sport 'is popular' rose from 10 to 25 percent among all users.


The entire campaign ended at Carlsberg Sport's homepage where 108,000 users played a computer game. The winner represented the penguin against Michael Maze in a match that was played in Odense Zoo in August 2009. The 108,000 users should be seen in light of the fact that there is usually about 30,000 users on the computer games that Carlsberg has on their site.


For more information

Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame, +45 28 34 07 24, mhf@f-reklame.dk