Morten Olsen - Widex
An Extended Coorporation

Since 2003 Morten Olsen has been the front figure for one of the world's leading manufacturers of hearing aids, the Danish owned, Widex. It is the first time ever that Widex has entered an agreement with a person within the world of sports.


Denmark's national team manager, Morten Olsen, suffers from the hereditary disease called otosclerosis which causes an impaired hearing. The disease has been his invisible opponent since the seventies. For Morten Olsen the sponsor agreement with Widex means that he is now using the hearing aid Senso Diva which is an invisible but very efficient hearing aid.

At first it was Widex' strategy to use Morten Olsen externally in all their PR and promotion material - e.g. in brochures, advertisements and on Widex' website where Morten Olsen has a testimonial of his hearing problem. Additionally, the company wanted to give its employees some special experiences with the Danish national team manager. However in short time Widex expanded the external strategy to also include exposure through the national football team.

During the last couple of years Widex has also sponsored DBU, the Danish Football Association, and exposes its brand message to the whole country through a well thought out electronic commercial board at all the national team matches.