Peter Schmeichel - Carlsberg Ambassador


Peter Schmeichel is World Wide ambassador for Carlsberg and represents Carlsberg around the world to activate the EURO12 and EURO2016 sponsorship. The cooperation with Peter Schmeichel has created awareness to places like: Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal and Denmark doing interviews and client events for Carlsberg. 

The main marketing platform for Carlsberg during EURO12 was Facebook and Apps (more than 3 million people downloaded the Carlsberg App). Peter Schmeichel presented information and material for Facebook and Apps, and took part in the selection of a fan who was to present the ‘Carlsberg Man of the Match’ award at the final. 

Carlsberg has been one of the leading sponsors in football for more than 20 years. For the first time ever Carlsberg has entered a World Wide ambassador agreement. They have used Peter Schmeichel for PR, branding, activation with fans and clients, and also internally in Carlsberg. The result has been stunning, not only in terms of ROI but also since Peter Schmeichel and Carlsberg fits well together in terms of their mutual passion for football. Peter Schmeichel generated more than 60% of the PR for Carlsberg during the EURO 2012. 

During the EURO2016 Peter Schmeichel did 18 interviews with key titles across 6 countries. This created more than 617 million opportunities to see for Carlsberg's Euro 2016 campaign where Media interviews and branded assets with Peter Schmeichel generated the second highest opportunities.



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