Peter Schmeichel - First

Peter Schmeichel engaged in a two-year deal with First which is an insurance agent for Lloyd’s of London.The campaign had a funny twist with Peter Schmeichel proclaiming that Denmark is full of crazy people. The campaign included TV commercials, several online medias and events.

The focal point of the campaign was to take offset in humans’ special interests and passions. Everything we are crazy about. Using Peter Schmeichel as a front figure for the campaign was a way to set focus on a subject not often paid much attention. For many people this is a low involvement subject. First wanted to put insurance on the agenda and through a humoristic approach and a known face it was easier to get peoples attention.  


 “I’m looking forward to the cooperation with Peter Schmeichel. At First we identify with his values and what he represents: credibility and professionalism. Peter Schmeichel is the ideal ambassador for our company”.

- Flemming Parris, CEO, First


“I have known the people behind the company for several years, and I’m really looking forward to the cooperation. First shows activeness, security and quality, and with Lloyd’s in the back and the English heritage there is a good link to my English history.”

- Peter Schemichel


For more information

Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame, +45 28 34 07 24,