Peter Schmeichel With Sony in Singapore


In the biginning of June Peter Schmeichel was on a three-day promotion tour in Singapore together with Sony. The event was part of Sony's sponsorship activation in connection with the World Championships in Brazil 2014. Sony is official partner of this event and in that connection used Peter Schmeichel to connect with the audience up until the big event in Brazil. Peter Schmeichel's role was doing interviews with various media, being part of a football clinic, and meet and greet with the many fans in Singapore. 

Peter Schmeichel is a well-known and popular person in Singaporw and therefore a lot of people turned up when he was writing autographs in a local shopping centre. People queued up for a long time to get his autograph. Besides this session Peter was available for a football clinic where he showed his football talents.
Through these events Sony managed to interact with the audience and made them an integrated part of the event. This was done by asking questions via Facebook where Sony then selected some of people to be part of the meet and greet event. This helped spread the event on social media with a big reach. 

The interest was big from the local media and prior to the event, during and after a lot of newspaper articles featuring Peter Schmeichel were written. This backs up the enormous popularity Peter has in Asia. 

(June 2014)


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