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- World's largest school football turnament - A major success


The Danish school football tournament was founded in 1961 and appears now every year with more than 25,000 girls and boys from 1000 schools all over the country. From school term in August to the finals in 'Parken' in April both the boys' and girls' teams meet to have fun. The local community supports the tournament but also nationally it is a very big event.


School football is a success - around schools, in the park and on TV. 

TV 2 broadcasted live from the school football finals in Parken and viewing figures indicate that there are approximately 178,000 viewers. This means that the finals in school football have the same amount of viewers as the SAS League matches have during weekends and Mondays.

345,000 Danes saw at least five minutes of continuously school football when TV 2 broadcasted live from the finals in Parken.

The tournament is an institution in Danish football – The Laudrup brothers, Peter Schmeichel, Martin Jorgensen and Ebbe Sand are just a few of the stars who have played school football.

The school football tournament is important for children; it helps to strengthen social cohesion in schools across social and ethnic boundaries and the increasing focus on sports and health.