For many years f.reklame has been consultants for various companies who want to optimise their sponsorship opportunities, marketing initiatives, customer care and public relations through and within sport. We have a great network nationally as well as internationally and with our expertise we can guide companies on how to generate brand exposure, increase awareness and inspire customer actions. 

f.reklame were consultants for Grundfos in connection with their sponsorship for table tennis in China. We have also advised Wonderful Copenhagen regarding sponsorships and events. Moreover we made the sponsorship with Widex hearing aid and the Danish national football team.


See some of our consultancy cases below. 


Cases with our former and current stars can be seen here.



International Network

f.reklame's partners have unique opportunities to market, present and create businesses for example in Asia and the Middle East where several countries are experiencing a strong economic growth. Also the interest in sports has grown enourmously the last years.

This gives a lot of sports sponsorship, marketing and branding opportunities in new interesting markets. Through our many years of experience in sports management we can put together professional sponsorships and events tailored to Your company and products.