Ole M. Frederiksen
Chairman of the Board
omf@f-reklame.dk | +45 21 22 98 90

Ole M. Frederiksen established f.reklame A/S in 1968. The story began with the Danish racing cyclist, Ole Ritter, who was the first, among many, who chose Ole M. Frederiksen to be their manager.

Subsequently, as the first in Denmark, Ole established the contact between athletes and companies in the intention of making sponsorships. He made the first sponsorship between the Danish National football team and dairywork, Mejerikontoret, and a sponsorship between Brøndby I.F. and the insurance company, Codan.

Ole has a good grasp when it comes to picking up loose ends and no details will be neglected. He is something out of the ordinary when it comes to making up new concepts, new business and new events. Ole also manages the company's finances and customer relations.

Mads H. Frederiksen
mhf@f-reklame.dk | +45 28 34 07 24

Mads H. Frederiksen has together with his father, Ole M. Frederiksen, made f.reklame A/S the company it is today. Mads has an education from the International Business School in Copenhagen and from IMG in England - one of the worlds largest companies within sports management. Through the last 8 years he has taken over the management of the company. Manager for our athletes is some of Mads' tasks, where he travles the world with many of them. He is also engaged in finding personal sponsors. Mads is also responsible for sponsorshipagreements for our events. 
Besides being the CEO of f.reklame Mads is the chairman of the board in the newly started company NABUFIT, a compny he has been involved in from the beginning. In this company he also manages the contact with the sportstars. 


Malene Mortensen
Project Manager
mm@f-reklame.dk | +45 28 91 99 70

Malene organises f.reklame's events and are responsible for all marketing- and communication initiatives. She is responsible for the development of all the graphical material, press releases, presentations, translations, etc. and are webmaster of f-reklame.dk.
She is responsible for the daily economy, and also draws up all contracts. 

Malene has a Masters degree in Sports Management from London. She lived in England for three years and was employed by the British Handball Association in connection with the London 2012 Olympic Games where she played a key role in an important period of commercialization and branding of British Handball. Malene was also employed by Benchmark Sport International who each year i.a. organises the BT Sport Industry Awards, Beyond Sport Summit & Award, and The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay. She has previously been project manager for the award shows in the Circus Building in Copenhagen; Danish Ice Hockey Award 2014, Danish Bike Award 2014, and Danish Motorsport Award 2015.