F1 Talk Show 2019 - Kevin Magnussen & Rich Energy Haas Team Manager Guenther Steiner


      Just before the F1 2019 season started, we were proud to announce the totally sold out and very exclusive talk show with the best ever Danish F1 driver Kevin Magnussen and Guenther Steiner, the team manager of Rich Energy Haas F1 Team. The talk show took place in fantastic settings in the Circus Building in Copenhagen on the 6th of March 2019.



      It was the first time ever the Rich Energy Haas driver Kevin Magnussen was doing a talk show and together with no other than his team manager. The two Haas members were very excited to give the many spectators a unique insight into the business of F1, the 2018 season and not at least the expectations and goals for the upcoming season starting in Australia right after this show, 14th to 17th of March 2019. 

      Programme of the evening

      • 05:30 PM Doors open
      • 06:45 PM Wallmans Show
      • 07:30 PM Talk Show by Guenther Steiner, Team Manager
      • 08:30 PM Talk Show by Kevin Magnussen, Driver
      • 09:30 PM Q&A w/Kevin Magnussen & Guenther Steiner
      • 10:15 PM Photo session w/Kevin Magnussen (SuperVIP only)
      • 11:00 PM End of Show

      The award-winning Ulla Essendrop was host of the evening. After the talk show a Q&A was held where spectators had the opportunity of asking questions for both Kevin Magnussen and Guenther Steiner. This was of great interest of the audience, who asked a lot of personal and topical questions.

      At the end of the evening the audience gave them a great tribute and standing ovation. It was a very excited audience that left the Circus Building that evening. Among the audience we can mention the Danish prime minister; Lars Lokke Rasmussen, Janni Spies, football legend Peter Schmeichel, and Michael Maze the table tennis star.

      The media coverage, before, during and after the event was fantastic. The media was present at the sponsor go-cart event, which took place earlier in the day, they were present at the red carpet, and during the event in the Circus Building.

      Guenther Steiner, the Italian team manager, is very experienced in the field of motorsports and especially Formula 1, which he has been working in for nearly 20 years. He started his career as a mechanic in the World Rally Championships in 1986 and then in 1989 also as assistant team manager. In 2014 he was officially announced team principal of the fledgling Rich Energy Haas F1 Team. Guenther Steiner opened the evening telling about the business side of the Rich Energy Haas F1 Team, setting a world class team, and F1 in general.

      The international star and best ever Danish F1 driver Kevin Magnussen followed the team manager telling the fascinating story of his life and career, and his expectations and goals for 2019. Kevin Magnussen started in karting at a very young age, and at the age of 21, in 2014, he drove his first full time Formula 1 season - having his best F1 season in 2018 reaching a 9th place on the Drivers’ World Championship list.


       "Of course, fans can follow what's written and said in the media, but I think it's important to tell the story yourself, talk to the fans, meet the fans and get close to the fans."

      - Kevin Magnussen, F1 Driver 


      Kevin Magnussen attracts a lot of attention in the Danish media, he is one of the most read names in the sports section, which made this event very unique - it gave the spectators the opportunity to see the Rich Energy Haas F1 Team just before they left for Australia where the first race of the season took place.


      The event was a great success and f.reklame hopes to get the opportunity to make another show in 2020.   


      F1 Talk Show 2019 Gallery 

      See event photos


      For more information

      Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame, +45 28 34 07 24,


      History of Legends 2018 - Mike Tyson & Mikkel Kessler

      #MTMK18 #HistoryOfLegends2018 #TysonKessler


      On the 30th of October 2018 one of the greatest boxing legends, Mike Tyson arrived in Copenhagen to talk about his incredible life. Mike Tyson was joined by Denmark's greatest boxer ever, Mikkel Kessler when they visited the Circus Building in Copenhagen and MCH Herning Congress Centre. 




      On Tuesday the 30th of October this very unique talk show "History of Legends 2018 - Mike Tyson & Mikkel Kessler" took place in the Circus Building in the heart of Copenhagen, and on Wednesday the 31st of October in MCH Herning Congress Centre. 


      Programme for the evening

      5.30 pm     Doors open

      6.45 pm     History of Legends 2018 – Mike Tyson & Mikkel Kessler

      10.00 pm   Meet & Greet (SuperVIP)

      11.00 pm   Event finished


      It was the first time ever the two boxers met on stage in Denmark where they i.a. talked about ups and downs both inside and outside the boxing ring, motivation, working under extreme pressure and reaching and surpasing goals.

      The organiser f.reklame had for many years wanted to arrange this very unique and exclusive show and was very pleased that they finally managed to do so, CEO Mads H. Frederiksen said:


      "I'm very excited that we finally managed to arrange this event with one of the boxing world's greatest legends, Mike Tyson, and Denmark's own legend, Mikkel Kessler. We have worked on making this happen for many years and that it's now a reality is fantastic. We are creating an exclusive atmosphere and surroundings, and a special insight into the lives of the two great personalities. 

      - Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame


      The international super star and all time best Danish boxer Mikkel Kessler was opening the evening with a fascinating story of his life and career in and outside the boxing ring. The super-middleweight and light-heavyweight boxer Mikkel Kessler retired in 2015 with 46 wins and three losses. His biggest win being over the Brit Carl Froch in 2010 in Herning. Mikkel Kessler said after the event:


      "It was a great experience with Mike Tyson and our two talk shows. Fantastic atmosphere in both the Circus Building and in MCH Herning Congress Centre. I want to thank everyone who came to our shows, I very much appreciate the support."

      - Mikkel Kessler, Boxing legend


      The 52 years old American, Mike Tyson considered one of the best heavyweights of all time, came to Denmark to tell the fascinating true story of his life and sports career. The boxing legend reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion and holds the record as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at 20 years old. He retired in 2005 and is inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the World Boxing Hall of Fame. Mike Tyson ended his professional career with 50 wins and six losses. 




      Hostess of the evenings was Denmark's best TV host Ulla Essendrop who ended the talk show with a Q&A with the two boxing legends answering questions from the crowd and sponsors of the event:


      • What is the story behind your facetatoo? (Tyson)
      • 'The Viking Warrior' - who came up with that name? (Kessler)
      • If you were 100% fit and got the chance to fight one more big fight, and you could choose any opponent - who would you like to meet in the ring, and why? (Tyson/Kessler)
      • Do you have a match you really wanted but never got? And who was it? (Kessler)
      • If Cus D'Amato had lived longer, do you think your career would have been different? (Tyson)
      • Who do you see rising up to be the new superstar in boxing, who can lift the sport to a whole new level? (Tyson/Kessler)
      • Have you ever considered to be a coach? (Tyson/Kessler)
      • What are you thoughts on the hype about the matches between MMA and boxing fighters (Mayfield vs. Mcgregor/Khabib)? And would you have taken part yourself if you were still active? (Tyson/Kessler)
      • How do you see the future of boxing and how is it affected by i.a. MMA? (Tyson/Kessler)


      MTMK18 Gallery

      See event photos


      For more information

      f.reklame, CEO Mads H. Frederiksen,, +45 28340724


      Champions Battle - Caroline Wozniacki vs. Venus Williams (2018)

      #championsbattle2018 #CB18 #CaroVenus


      On the 30th of April 2018 the national football stadium,Telia Parken, was transformed into a tennis stadium - a sold out tennis stadium with 12,500 spectators watched Caroline Wozniacki play Venus Williams -  a rematch from the 2017 WTA season final. 


      Programme for the night

      6 PM Doors open

      7 PM Warm-up tennis match - Clara Tauson vs. Hannah Viller Moller

      9 PM Champions Batte 2018 - Caroline Wozniacki vs. Venus Williams



      Champions Battle 2018 ended in Telia Parken monday night 30th of April at 11pm - however the memories live on forever. It was a very unique event where 12,500 spectators, the highest number of spectators for at tennis match ever in Denmark, celebrated two Grand Slam champions and touched both Caroline Wozniacki and Venus Williams. 

      Venus Williams said after the match:


      "The Danish spectators are classy. I really enjoyed the evening, and all the fans and partners I met in the different VIP lounges and on centre court - they were all so nice to me."

      - Venus Williams, Player


      As a surprise the organisers f.reklame had arranged an award ceremony for Caroline's achievements through out her career and not at least for at first ever Grand Slam title. Venus Williams was called on to centre court first and then Caroline Wozniacki. Caroline was met by a roar and standing ovations from the spectators who showed their respect and thanked her for the Grand Slam experience in Australian Open earlier in the year.

      When Caroline entered centre court some of Denmark's greatest personalities were waiting for her to hand over a bouquet one after another. Tine Sheuer, former Danish tennis player; Michael Mortensen, former coach for Caroline; Nicklas Bendtner, Danish football star and good friend of Caroline, and last the 93 years old Danish composer and pianist, Bent Fabricius-Bjerre. Caroline was overwhelmed and after the match she thanked the fans, sponsors and opponent Venus Williams:


      "It was a special night for me. That so many tennis fans from around the country came to watch us paly warmed both of our hearts. Thank you ever so much for your continuous support, the warm welcome and to Venus for flying all the way to Copenhagen 16 years after she was here the last time. Thank you everyone, this means a lot to me."

      - Caroline Wozniacki, Player


      Champions Battle 2018 offered seeworthy and fast-paced tennis where the two players had room for playing and played some spectacular duels, which got the crowd up from their chairs. 



      Champions Battle & The Organiser

      f.reklame was proud to once again arrange tennis in Telia Parken, not least because it was exactly Caroline Wozniaki playing Venus Williams in the arena where the two tennis darlings' history together started, CEO, Mads H. Frederiksen, said:


      "I'm very happy that we managed, 16 years later, to arrange tennis in Parken again, and then with these two players. It's a legendary story to have Caroline and Venus back where they met each other for the first time. We had a fantastic cooperation with Parken Sport & Entertainment, sponsors and volunteers and we owe them an enourmous thank you - as without them this wouldn't have been such a great success"

      - Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO,  f.reklame


      In Telia Parken in 2002 a 12 year old Caroline Wozniacki met her big idol and back then the worlds no. 1, Venus Williams, for the first time.  On the 30th of April 2018 the world-class tennis stars, friends and competitors met at Champions Battle 2018.

      The world's no. 2, Caroline Wozniacki, met the world's no. 5, the American tennis legend and opponent from the BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore 2017, Venus Williams, in fantastic settings in Telia Parken in Copenhagen. 

      The two tennis ladies have played many close and seeworthy matches; with Wozniacki's win at the season final and Venus Williams leading head-to-head this was a great revenge in all perspectives. This was the first time they faced each other in an exhibition match in Denmark and it was an experience beyond the usual.

      In 2002 Venus Williams asked Caroline Wozniacki what she would like to be when she grew up, and Caroline answered firmly "I want to be the world's no. 1 like you are", and that she became.


      The Sponsors

      The organiser, f.reklame Sports Management, experienced a great interest from sponsors for this very unique event; amongst others below high profile companies can be mentioned:

      • NordicBet
      • Volvo Cars
      • Boozt
      • Apollo
      • Carlsberg
      • Shamballa Jewels
      • Copenhagen Marriott Hotel
      • Wonderful Copenhagen
      • Hästens
      • PanzerGlass
      • Telia
      • Ekstra Bladet
      • Jack & Jones
      • TV2 SPORT

      More than 1000 business partners and customers were enjoying the VIP Hospitality in fantastic settings in Telia Parken. Elegant and cosy VIP areas were created and the guests had great opportunities for networking. Prior to the main match the two tennis stars visited the many VIPs and sponsors in the various lounges where they answered a few quesitons from the crowd and had photos taken with them all. 

      In the morning of the event day the main sponsors were invited to play Pro-Am with Caroline Wozniacki, Venus Williams, Clara Tauson, Hannah Viller Moller, former tennis players Kenneth Carlsen, Michael Tauson and Tine Sheuer, former professional boxer Mikkel Kessler, international actor Mads Mikkelsen and other celebrities. 




      The Media

      TV2 SPORT transmitted live from Champions Battle 2018 from 8pm to 11pm and had more than 125,000 viewers. It was re-broadcasted the following day.

      WTA was present at Champions Battle as well and has afterwards produced a video about the event and the players - watch it here. 


      The day before the match on a press conference the two players answered many possible and impossible questions from the Danish media, which resulted in big articles in the country's newspapers, magazines and features on national tv channels.




      The Next generation

      Prior to the main match of the evening between Caroline and Venus, Clara Tauson, the youngest Danish champion ever and the new Danish tennis comet, was playing the Danish indoor and outdoor champion 2017, Hannah Viller Moller. The two girls were given the same unique opportunity as Caroline Wozniack got back in 2002, when she met Venus Williams for the first time. Giving back is something very important for the organiser. 


      Caroline Wozniacki and Venus Williams took the time to write autographs to the many children and fans who wanted a signature from the coveted two players.







      CB18 Gallery


      See event photos


      For more information

      Mads. H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame,, +45 28 34 07 24




      Run To The Beat Powered By Bang & Olufsen (2017)

      Saturday the 2nd of September the third edition of Run to the Beat powered by Bang & Olufsen was held in the city of Struer. The organisers have worked very hard to create a unique running experience for all the runners that attended this year's edition.

      3200 runners was at the starting line. The weather was great and from the beginning the atmosphere was amazing among the participants. 

      This year new intiatives were launced, among others a 5K distance was added, which turned out to be a great success. It was by far the most popular distance with more than 1500 registred runners. 

      Once again the runners had the pleasure of running through Struer City and the beautiful surroundings along the cost line. This year the finish line and winning ceremony were moved to the Bang & Olufsen parking area to the benefit for the many runners. This created a fantastic atmosphere and everyone where now ready for the big afterparty. Also, at the parking area a children's area was created for children of all ages to play and have fun.

      The table tennis legend Michael Maze was also present and played with the many children at parking area at Run to the Beat powered by Bang & Olufsen. Both the children and Michael Maze had great fun in the sunshine. 

      At the afterparty some of Denmark’s greatest artists were performing. Gulddreng started the afterparty with a bang. Afterwards Lis Sorensen entered the stage and delivered a great show. Dúné closed the show and marked this year's Run to the beat powered by Bang & Olufsen.


      The 2017 Programme

      Friday 1st September 2017

      • 4 pm - 6 pm: Pick up of starting numbers and t-shirts (Gaagaden Struer)


      Saturday 2nd September 2017

      • 10.00 am - 1.30 pm: Pick up of starting numbers and t-shirts
      • 10.00 am: Food and bebverage stands open
      • 01.50 pm: Warm up at the starting line
      • 02.00 pm: Start for all distances
      • 04.30 pm: Awards ceremony
      • 05.30 pm: GULDDRENG
      • 07.00 pm: LIS SORENSEN
      • 08.45 pm: DÚNÉ
      • 10.00 pm: Thank you for today!


      Read more about the event on the official website


      See more pictures here



      EURO '92 - 25th Anniversary (2017)

      Back Where It All Ended in '92 - 25 Years Anniversary

      On the 26th of June 2017 it was exactly 25 years ago the Danish national team sensationally won the European Football Championships. This was celebrated as they remembered it from 1992 with an official celebration at Copenhagen City Hall. 

      25 years ago, on the 26th of June 1992, the Danish football national team won the European Football Championships i Sweden. What was supposed to be holiday time for the Danish players became a ticket to the European Championships in Sweden and a sensational victory when beating Germany 2 - 0 in the final at Nya Ullevi Stadium in Göteborg. 

      After the victory in 1992 the association EMMA 1992 was founded by players and managers around the '92 team. The association EMMA has every year since organised a party for the people involved. 2017 was a special year, 25 years anniversay, which was celebrated at Copenhagen City Hall where Lord Mayor, Frank Jensen, and Mayor of Culture and Leisure, Carl Christian Ebbesen invited them all for brunch and celebrations. 

      At 12 noon the football legends stepped out on the balcony with the Euro '92 trophhy and thanked for the enourmous support they have experienced during the last 25 years. The captain of the '92 team, Lars Olsen, said prior to the event:


      ”We are all very excited to gather at Copenhagen City Hall to celebrate our 25 years anniversary and the many memories of an amazing time. During the years we have received fantastic support and that we would like to thank the people for when we on the 26th of June at 12 noon step out on the balcony again. We hope that as many as possible would like to come and celebrate it with us at Copenhagen City Hall." 

      - Lars Olsen, '92 legend


      Lord Mayor Frank Jensen (S) welcomed the players to the Ceremonial Hall at Copenhagen City Hall and wished them congratulation on the anniversary, he said:


      ”The victory at the European Championships in 1992 is one of the biggest Danish sports performances ever, and it still fills children and adults with pride and community spirit. The City Hall Square was in 1992 center for a folk festival after the Euro victory, and therefore I'm extremely happy that the city Hall once again frames the celebrations of the football heros and their 25 years anniversary." 

      - Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor


      Mayor of Culture and Leisure Carl Christian Ebbesen (DF) was also looking forward to celebrating the players from '92 and their anniversary:


      ”I'm excited here 25 years after the victory in Gothenburg to be part of celebrating the heros from '92 at Copenhagen City Hall. When I see the talent pool among the young players on the current national team I look forward to welcoming a team of new European champions after the EURO2020, where four of the matches will be played here in Copenahgen." 

      - Carl Christian Ebbesen, Mayor of Culture & Leisure


      The party form 1992 was recreated and after the official celebrations at Copenhagen City Hall the party continoued for the team in Sweden all night at the hotel the players and managers stayed at back then. 



      10 am  Brunch for the ’92 players and managers
      11.30 am  The press is invited in for interviews
      12 noon   The ’92 Players are honored on the balcony
      12.30 pm  Event finished


      For more information

      Ole M. Frederiksen, Founder, f.reklame, +45 21 22 98 90,


      The official association of the European Champions - EMMA 1992
      Co-organisers: f.reklame A/S and the City of Copenhagen


      See more pictures here



      GLORY40 Copenhagen (2017)

      Saturday the 29th of April 2017 Forum Copenhagen hosted the GLORY40 and GLORY40 SuperFight Series. The atmosphere was intense and you could feel the excitement from all the spectators. 

      The main attraction was the middleweight title match between Jason “Psycho” Wilnis and Simon “The one” Marcus. They delivered a very entertaining match to the joy of the many spectators. Simon Marcus won the gold back with a split decision.

      In the co-main event of the evening Denmark’s Niclas Larsen (No. 6 ranked Glory lightweight) defended his home turs against Thailand’s Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai and won the game by a unanimous decision. One of Denmark’s most experienced kickboxers, Mohammed El-Mir won his first fight inside the GLORY ring when he fought against the debuting Norwegian Simon Santana.

      GLORY 40 also featured a SuperFight Series. The main event was the match between Richard Abraham and Jamie Bates. Jamie Bates defeated Abraham by a unanimous decision.


      Other results from GLORY 40

      Middelweight Tournament Final: Yousri Belgaroui defeted Alex Pereira by a unanimous decision.

      Semifinal: Alex Pereira defeted Burim Rama by a three-knockdown rule

      Semifinal: Yousri Belgaroui defeted Agron Pretini by a unanimous decision


      Other results from Superfight Series Results 

      Freddy Kemayo defeted Imar Hadar by a TKO (punches) 

      Josh Jauncey defeted Antonio Gomez by a TKO (doctor's stoppage) 

      Yuhang Xie defeted Chris Mauceri by a unanimous decision


      f.reklame was the official marketing & PR partner of GLORY 40 Copenhagen. f.reklame is proud to have been a part of this global event, that is so popular around the world. 


      For more information

      CEO, f.reklame, Mads H. Frederiksen, +45 2834 0724,




      HBO Game of Thrones Exhibition (2016)


      The international Game of Thrones 'Hall of Faces' arrived in Copenhagen in May 2016. It was possible to step inside the House of Black and White, conquer the Iron Throne of Westeros, and get to know the most popular series in the world.


      f.reklame was proud to be part of this unique event in Copenhagen in cooperation with HBO and their hit series 'Game of Thrones'. This was the first time ever for the event in Denmark. 'The Hall of Faces' exhibition was held in Oksnehallen from the 7th to 10th of May 2016. 

      The Game of Thrones Exhibition gave fans in Denmark a chance to step inside the House of Black and White and experience the Hall of Faces by "becoming no one".

      Upon entering, fans will have their portrait taken and a custom app will render their Hall of Faces portrait and display the image onto one of the towers within the space using digital displays and experiential effects. The individual portraits could then be downloaded and shared to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

      After adding their likeness to the Hall of Faces, attending fans could peer into a custom Many-Faced God fountain where they could see famous quotes from past seasons. 

      Fans could also claim a seat on the Iron Throne, pose with Arya's sword 'Needle', and see costumes from Arya, Jaqen H'ghar and the Waif.


      Run to the Beat powered by Bang & Olufsen (2016)

      f.reklame was pleased to welcome the many runners to Run to the Beat powered by Bang & Olufsen in Struer again 3rd September 2016. The run was once again a great success and will return in 2017. 


      It was the second time in Denmark that Run to the Beat powered by Bang & Olufsen was held in Struer City. Run to the Beat is taking its name from the use of music along the route.

      In 2016 there was two distances – 10 km and a half marathon. The runners had the pleasure to run through Struer City and the beautiful surroundings along the cost line. The finish line was this time at Bang & Olufsen's old fabric area to the benefit for the many runners. The route was packed with DJs helping the runners through and gave them motivation along the way. Among the DJs this year was the famous Thomas Madvig, Flarup and Lilja who ensured that it became a race day never to forget.

      At the afterparty some of Denmark’s biggest artists were performing - the fantastic L.I.G.A and Mads Langer. 


      Read more about the Run on the official website.


      GLORY 29 Copenhagen – The World's Leading Kickboxing Event (2016)

      Saturday the 16th of April 2016 Forum Copenhagen was hosting GLORY 29 and GLORY SuperFight Series Copenhagen which featured some of the world's most exciting fighters. 

      GLORY 29 was headlined by the world welterweight champion Nieky ”TheNatural” Holzken (88-11, 46 KO) who wanted to defend the title for the second time, this time against the Swiss Yoann Kongolo (61-6, 45 KO), who was ranked 4 in the world. 

      At GLORY 29 you could also see the quadruple tournament which was fought the same evening to find the next contender for GLORY's world championship title in the heavyweight class.

      The sport is experiencing a large growth and with GLORY Superfight Series they are traveling around the world; places like Chicago, Amsterdam, Paris and LA. The awareness helps to create attention to the sport and so far it have led to an increased international exposure. The events are shown to the whole world and have reached more than 400,000 millions households distributed in about 200 countries.

      f.reklame was the official marketing and PR partner of GLORY 29  Copenhagen. 


      About GLORY

      GLORY was established in 2012 and is owned and operated by GLORY Sports International (GSI), a professional martial art organisation and TV content provider with offices in New York, Denver, London, Amsterdam and Singapore. GLORY’s programmes are shown in more than 200 countries. GLORY kickboxing rules are based on a mixture of several martial arts disciplines including Karate, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do and traditional boxing.


      For more information 

      f.reklame, Maria Sig Moller, project Manager,, +45 3312 7244
      GLORY Public Relations, Jon Bier, or, 646.541.5256




      Energi Danmark Champions Battle (2015) 

      It was with great pride that f.reklame was host for the greatest tennis match on danish soil ever when the world's best tennis player Serena Williams met the world-class Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. 

      For five years f.reklame has worked very hard to create a unique tennis experience in Denmark. A Danish world star against one of the greatest in sport ever; Caroline Wozniacki against Serena Williams, attracted the media, spectators and sponsors to the second edition of Energi Danmark Champions Battle. 



      The main match of the evening was between the world-class tennis stars, the best friends and the rivals Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki. The two stars have played many close and exciting matches throughout their careers but this was the first time they play each other in Denmark. The match was a very unique experience in the fantastic Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning. 

      The warm up to this main match on the for the occasion beautifully decorated tennis court was the world's best double players, Horia Tecau and Jean-Julien Rojer, who in a close and well played match won against the 2012 Wimbledon champions, Ferderik Lochte Nielsen and Jonathan Marray. 

      Caroline Wozniacki and Serena Williams took the time to write autographs to the many children and fans who wanted the signature from the coveted two players. Prior to the match the two female tennis players visited the many VIPs and sponsors as well as played a bit of tennis with the sponsors in the morning.

      The day before the match on a press conference they answered many possible and impossible questions from the Danish media which resulted in big articles in the country's newspapers and features on national tv channels.

      Also CNN was there and made a short programme about the two tennis darlings - watch it here.


      For more information

      Mads. H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame,, +45 28 34 07 24

      See more pictures here



      Run to the Beat Powered by Bang & Olufsen (2015)

      f.reklame is together with Struer and Bang & Olufsen proud to present the first run in Denmark with its focus on music. 

      The english concept Run to the Beat is comming to Denmark. The run will be in Struer City on the 5th of september 2015 and Bang & Olufsen is the main sponsor of this event. 

      Run to the Beat is already a known and well established run in England, where more than 15,000 runners have participated in recent years. The music is the focal point both along the route and at the big after party which starts straight after the runners have finished.

      You can choose between two distances – 10 km and a half marathon in the beautiful surroundings of Struer. The route takes the runners on a beautiful trip in the city and the beautiful cost line, before the runners will run between Bang & Olufsen old factory premises and into the finish line. Along the route there will be music stations with some of Denmark best DJ’s to help motivate the runners.

      Directly after Run to the Beat the runners will be guided to the big after party where artist like Svenstrup & Vendelboe, Christopher and Outlandish will perform and make a great party.



      At the after party you can be with friends and family while your listening to some of the best artists in Denmark. The runners can buy extra tickets to friends and family who are not participating in Run to the Beat but still want to join the big after party. The price including the after party is DKK 350,- The after party ticket is DKK 150,- and is available at


      Read more about the event on the official website.


      Aon Private Masters - Denmark vs. Sweden (2015)

      Helsingor Golf Club and f.reklame A/S presented a unique opportunity to experience some of the world’s best golf players when Aon Private Masters took place in Denmark on the 13th of June 2015.

      For the first time the world’s best golf players were gathered for the unique match Denmark vs. Sweden. The best Danish golf player, Thomas Bjorn, and golf star Thorbjorn Olesen represented Denmark. They were playing against the world’s number two, Henrik Stenson, and the new Swedish golf star Jonas Blixt.

      Besides the golf stars the best junior golf players, best disabled golf players and other sports stars from both countries were participating; amongst others Peter Schmeichel, Preben Elkjaer, Michael Maze and Lars Christiansen.



      The event attracted great attention both in terms of spectators, and national as well as international press. CNN came to Denmark exclusively to produce a special programme about the tournament in Helsingor. A programme that was broadcasted to 200 countries. 


      Event Day 1 - Pro-Am

      Day 1 was a corporate day where partners had the opportunity to play golf with the stars, and were in the evening invited to a charity gala dinner. 



      Event Day 2 - Aon Private Masters - Denmark vs. Sweden




      1.00 pm: 4 golf players – Junior elite

      2 of the best junior elite players in Denmark - 1 boy and 1 girl  

      2 of the best junior elite players in Sweden - 1 boy and 1 girl


      1.10 pm4 golf players – Disabled

      2 of the best disabled players in Denmark; Stefan Morkholt & Troels Hojbjerre

      2 of the best disabled players in Sweden; Jesper Gutke & Johan Kammerstad


      1.20 pm4 golf players – Sports stars

      2 sports stars from Denmark; Michael Maze & Lars Christiansen

      2 sports stars from Sweden; Jorgen Persson & Ulf 'Tickan' Carlsson


      1.30 pm4 golf players – Sports stars

      2 sports stars from Denmark; Peter Schmeichel & Preben Elkjaer

      2 sports stars from Sweden; Carl Soderberg & Jens Lundquist


      1.40 pm: Denmark vs. Sweden

      Thomas Bjorn & Thorbjorn Olesen vs. Henrik Stenson & Jonas Blixt 


      App. 6.00pm: Award Ceremony



      For more information

      Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame,, +45 33 12 72 44

      Malene Mortensen, Project Manager, f.reklame,, +45 33 12 72 44                            




      Energi Danmark Champions Battle (2014)

      Serena Williams vs. Ana Ivanovic

      This will be a night with some of the best within the world of tennis when the world's number one Serena Williams faces the tennis star Ana Ivanovic in Jyske Bank Boxen, Herning on Wednesday the 19th of November 2014. This will be the first time ever that the two world-class players will face each other on Danish soil. 

      Serena Williams is currently ranked as number one in the world rankings. She has an impressive 30 grand slam titles and four Olympic gold medals on her resume. She is a woman who remarks herself both on and off the court. The magazine Forbes has ceveral times placed her on the top 100 list of the most powerful women in the world.


      "I'm really looking forward to play in Denmark for the first time. I enjoy playing in front of a big audience, so I will do my best to create a seeworthy game."

      - Serena Williams


      Ana Ivanovic is a rising star with one grand slam title on her resume, and she is currently ranked as number 11 in the world rankings. Ana Ivanovic has had an amazing year where she has already won three tournaments. She is a powerful player who not only catches the audience with her game but she is also known for her beautiful look.

      f.reklame - the organiser of the event - is very happy and proud to present these two players in Denmark. This is something they have been working on for a couple of years and it is now finally a reality. With massive support from the title sponsor Energi Danmark and from MCH Exhibition Centre in Herning thousands of spectators will now have the opportunity to watch world-class tennis in Denmark. 

      The game will be played in the unique settings in Jyske Bank Boxen, known as the place that hosts major events in Denmark, and is therefore ideal for this event. This will be the first time that Jyske Bank Boxen will host a tennis event. With room for apprx. 11,000 spectators this looks to be an uforgettable experience.


      Wimbledon 2012 mens double-finals - Rematch

      Before the main match between Serena Williams and Ana Ivanovic the spectators will have a chance to deliver another exciting match. The evening will start with a seeworthy rematch when the Wimbledon mens double winners from 2012 - Frederik Lochte Nielsen and his British partner Jonathan Marray once again will face the Swedish Romanian double Robert Lindstedt og Horia Tecau. 



      7PM - Wimbledon mens double final 2012 - Rematch 

      9PM - Serena Williams vs. Ana Ivanovic



      The ticket sale starts on July 10th on Billetnet. 


      For more information

      Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO f.reklame, +45 28340724,

      Per Colstrup Vinkel, Press Officer, +45 28412889, 


      European Championships in Swimming (2013)

      Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning form this year unique scenery for the European Championships in swimming (short course) and will be transformed into an emotional and spectacular swimming stadium with movable pools, seats for 8000 spectators and a large expo area. There will be approx. 1000 participating swimmers every day all four days where the Championships are held.


      "This is a major milestone. Denmark has never before hosted a European Championship in swimming for seniors, so it is really great. Danish swimming has created outstanding results for several years and having the European Championships on home ground can bring so many positive effects along. It is an event that fits perfectly into what Danish event work likes and stands for."

      - Lars lundov, Director, Sport Event Denmark


      The Danish swimmers won the most medals of all athletes in 2012 and has impressed with a total of 22 medals - conquered by the eight Danish top swimmers at the European and World Championships. That equals to 25% of all medals won in 2012.


      "We have for many years had world-class swimmers. Therefore it is great that we together with Sport Event Denmark and Herning Council this year can give these swimmers home at the European Championships. It is also great that we can give Swimming Denmark the opportunity to experience and contribute to these great championships. The short course European Championships will naturally help to focus on swimming in Denmark and focus on Denmark internationally.”

      - Pia Holm, Director, Danish Swimming Federation


      For more informaiton

      Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame, +45 28 34 07 24,


      The King Against the Crown Prince (2013)

      Team Liverpool vs. Team Manchester United 

      The two greatest Danish golf players; Thomas Bjorn & Thorbjorn Olesen and the former Liverpool player; Robbie Fowler & one of the world’s best goalkeepers ever; Peter Schmeichel will play the on the 17th of September 2013 in Helsingor Golf Club. Thomas Bjorn and Robbie Fowler (Team Liverpool) will play against Thorbjorn Olesen and Peter Schmeichel (Team Manchester United). 

      Thomas Bjorn

      The Danish golf legend, Thomas Bjorn, has for a lot of years been part of the world elite. Thomas Bjorn has been the one who has lifted Danish golf to an international level. He has won 13 international tournaments and achieved 98 top 10 results. Recently he achieved yet another great result with his 2nd place at the European Tour tournament Lyoness Open in Austria.

      Thorbjorn Olesen

      The greatest Danish golf talent ever; at age 22 Thorbjorn Olesen won, as the youngest Danish player ever, a European Tour title when he won the Sicilian Open in 2012. He has continued his amazing development in 2013 with many international top results including a 6th place at the US masters.  Thorbjorn Olesen is now number 36 on the world ranking list.  


      Thomas Bjorn & Robbie Fowler


      Thorbjorn Olesen & Peter Schmeichel


      There will be an individual and a total score in the 18-hole game. This is a unigue opportunity to experience Denmark's greatest golf players on Danish soil, which will attract the media and people interested in golf in Denmark.

      Helsingor Golf Club

      One of Denmark’s oldest golf courses can be found in the north-east corner of Zealand on the outskirts of Helsingor, not far from the ferry link to Sweden. The golf club was founded in 1927 on the site of a former Royal Danish Army drill ground belonging to the officer’s academy at Kronborg Castle.

      Today the golf club features 18 wonderful and very different holes as well as a 9-hole par 3 course. Over the years Helsingor Golf Club has many times been rated among the top ten Danish golf courses, and the reasons for this are evident to all who play there.


      Global Sport

      Golf is a global sport with more than 100 millioner golf players around the world. In Denmark golf is the 2nd largest sport with approximately 173,000 members.  

      Golf in Denmark has been through a great development the last 10-15 years. From being a branch of sport that was for the few, it has developed into being the 2nd largest branch of sport in Denmark. Furthermore golf has been the largest branch of sport for people beyond 25 for a long time.

      You can read more about the event here (pdf) 


      For more information

      Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame +45 3312 7244,


      European Championship in Dressage and Horse Jumping (2013)

      The European Championship in Dressage and Horse Jumping Show 2013 will be held at the MCH Arena in Herning. The event will be the greatest equestrian held on Danish ground ever. Furthermore, it will be a fantastic event for thousands of spectators and there will be massive media coverage.

      It runs from 21st to 25th August 2013. It is JBK Horse Shows, Sport Event Denmark, Herning Municipality and the Danish Equestrian Federation who have worked together on an offer that ensured the double European Championship in Denmark with Herning as the host city. MCH Arena and the surrounding area will form the framework that will take the championship to new heights.


      "We are really proud and can’t wait to get started. We are convinced that one of the main reasons why we have got the championship is that we have been focused on creating the best environment for athletes. Only under optimal conditions are the equipages able to do their best"

      - Jens Traberg, Director, JBK Horse Shows


      f.reklame has entered into an agreement with JBK Horse Shows and has gained the rights to sell sponsorships for this amazing event.


      For more information

      Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame,, +45 33 12 72 44


      European Football Championship Final of 1992 Recreated (2012)

      It has been 20 years since the Danish football team should have been on “summer holiday” but instead ended up as the European Champions with a 2 - 0 victory over Germany - The greatest sports sensation in Danish history.

      The legendary match was played at Nya Ullavi in Gothenburg 26th June 1992 where euphoria and expectations were sky-high. It all turned out to be a fantastic match for Denmark with John ‘Faxe' Jensen’s goal 1-0 and 10 minutes early Kim Vilfort scores 2-0.

      Peter Schmeichel had many fantastic saves and everybody remembered when Kent Nielsen saved the ball with a bicycle-kick right on the line.

      Denmark was in football euphoria and the team led by Richard Moller Nielsen was celebrated throughout Europe for their triumph.


      The European Championship final will be repeated.

      The association behind the European champions from 1992, EMMA, and B93 (amateur division) arranged in connection with the 20 year anniversary a repeat of the final match from 1992 between Denmark and Germany where both teams strived for the line-up from 1992.

      The battle was played on the 7th of July at Osterbro Stadium, Gunnar Nu Hansen Space 7, 2100 Copenhagen at 3pm. 

      TV2 transmitted approximately an hour from the anniversary event in "prime time" later that evening.

      It was a day of celebration, entertainment and nostalgia in harmony with beautiful scenery.


      The event made it possible to achieve nationwide visibility through boards and adverts in the Gala Souvenir Programme plus TV coverage on TV2 in "prime time”.


      For More information

      Ole M. Frederiksen, Chairman, f.reklame, +45 33 12 72 44


      TV2 fight night (2011)

      TV 2 Sporten and Team Sauerland have entered a boxing agreement which means top class professional boxing three Saturdays on TV 2 at prime time.

      The boxing agreement between TV 2 Sporten and Team Sauerland ensures a lot of professional boxing on TV 2 Saturdays. The goal is to find the next Mikkel Kessler, and the boxing project also seeks to find Denmark's best boxing talent. At TV 2 Sporten they are proud to present this great project.


      It means professional boxing Saturday evening prime time on TV 2 - which will please the many Danish boxing fans. A solid TV-deal is necessary for Danish professional boxing to develop.

      "I am both proud and glad that Team Sauerland managed to achieve an agreement with the boxers that we had on top of the list. Rudy Markussen is a well-known name and he is still eager. Patrick Nielsen, Kim Poulsen and Kasper Bruun are the three biggest talents in Denmark. They all four have what it takes - besides talent there is a lot of strength, personality and willingness to go all the way"

      - Frederik Lauersen, Executive, TV 2 Sporten

      f.reklame and TV 2 have entered an agreement regarding the sponsorship sale. And regarding sponsorships we can guarantee national prime time exposure. Every Saturday between 500,000 and 700,000 viewers will follow the boxing matches on TV 2.

      For more information

      Mads H. Frederiksen, CEO, f.reklame, +45 28 34 07 24,


      Sir Alex Ferguson at the Opera in Copenhagen (2010)

      'History of Legends'

      In cooperation with Aon, f.reklame organised the unique event ’History of Legends’ on the 12th of August 2010. The audience had the opportunity to experience three very unique personalities – Sir Alex Ferguson, Peter Schmeichel and Frank Arnesen – each of them telling their fascinating life stories and about their extraordinary careers at the Opera in Copenhagen.

      These three legends have already had amazing careers within the world of football, and they delightfully shared with the audience these accomplishments and their motivation for their winning mentality. This turned out to be a very magical evening where everyone gained a very rare insight into how Sir Alex Ferguson managed to stay on top of one of the biggest football clubs in the world, for what seems as a lifetime.

      First on stage was Frank Arnesen who since 2005 has been the Sports Director at Chelsea FC. In the company of TV2 Sportens Ulla Essendrop he told very candidly about his way to the top management in one of the biggest football clubs. In addition, Arnesen described how he has coped with the great amount of pressure that comes with this sort of job. At the end Frank Arnesen gave his personal take on his own and Chelsea FC’s future.

      Hereafter, Peter Schmeichel took on the stage at the breathtaking Opera. Schmeichel shared openly his experience from his career in professional football. The audience gained a perspective in what happens sometime behind the scenes when the spotlights are switched off at the football stadiums. He gave everyone present a close look at his career, and did not hesitate to point towards Frank Arnesen as the new national coach. Later he described his great relationship to Brondby’s Director Per Bjerregaard.

      Finally, Manchester United’s boss, Sir Alex Ferguson, entered the stage with great presence. After 24 years as manager for the world’s most prominent football club he had lots of interesting stories and anecdotes to share with the audience. In particular he emphasized on how he first started as a manager under less exclusive circumstances for the Scottish Aberdeen. Furthermore, he focused on the importance of working as a team. He also believed that the root of his success came from his experience in handling players with strong personalities and adjusting them in the right direction.

      The three legends were gathered under elegant surroundings at the beautiful Opera with gorgeous and very competent Ulla Essendrop from TV2 Sporten as hostess for the evening.

      The event’s title sponsor Aon Denmark and CEO, Soren Lindbo, expressed that they were very proud of sponsoring this unique event. Aon, the world's largest insurance and pension broker, was on 1st of June 2010 new shirt sponsor for Manchester United.

      Visit the official website of ’History of Legends'


      Streetsoccer (2009)

      Brian Laudrup and Lars Hogh were the leading figures of an interesing event, street football. It was everywhere in Denmark and included both boys and girls of all age groups. f.reklame helped to arrange the event and had previously had Lars Hogh as a client. The idea behind the event was to create enough interest so young people would be interested in becomming active in their spare time without the need to be registered in a club. 


      Legends Live (2008)

      This event was the last Bjorn Borg played in relation to an event arranged by f.reklame. It was with great thankfulness for an extraordinary collaboration through many years. The press conference was held in Magasin in Copenhagen where the press conference was a special event in itself. For this year's tournament Bjorn Borg, Stefan Edberg, Henri Leconte and Goran Ivanisevic were represented. The tournament was won by Stefan Edberg who won the final against Goran Ivanisevic. It was a very overwhelming goodbye to Bjorn Borg where the audience in KB Hallen gave their tribute to the legend of all legends. 


      Koral Super Cup (2008)

      f.reklame made a pre-Olympic table tennis tournament in KB Hallen which created much international attention. The different matches were shown in many countries including China, Hong Kong and several other Asien countries. The matches were transmitted live by the leading sport channel; ESPN, and TV2 Sport. The great interest came from the four big names, who were to meet and play for the prize money of €185,000; Olympic gold medalist Ryu Seung Min, ex world champion Jorgen Persson, Kalinikos Kreanga, and the Danish batman; Michael Maze. 


      Legends Live (2007)

      BGC was the title sponsor of this year's Legends Live which consisted of Henri Leconte, Björn Borg, John McEnroe and Stefan Edberg. It was some exellent matches where the final of this tournament between Edberg and McEnroe was the best and most ecxiting match in the history of Legends Live. John McEnroe was the winner of this increcible entertaining game. This event was John McEnroe's last appearence in Denmark. 


      Wozniacki vs. Hingis (2007)

      Caroline Wozniacki had just made it as a senior tennis player, and showed great potential. At that time her role model was Martina Hingis. Therefore, f.reklame arranged a match between Caroline Wozniacki and Martina Hingis in KB Hallen, which was a great experience for Caroline Wozniacki. Martina Hingis won however all 3 sets. 


      Keops Grand Prix (2006)

      Horse jumping in Bernstoffsparken was arranged in collaboration with f.reklame, and was an international event with participation of the world elite in equestrian sport from 14 nations. Represented from Denmark was world famous Tina Lund who won the World Cup in 2004 and was in the final in 2005, and Thomas Velin with his 4 World Cup victories. DR1 transmitted directly from the event. The gathering was out of the ordinary, yet it was also the only tournament in Denmark where the best in equestrain sport participated. 


      Legends Live (2005) 

      The 4 legends for this year's 'Legends Live' tournament were; Boris Becker, Pat Cash, Henri Leconte and John McEnroe. It was a fantastic tournament where Boris Becker and John McEnroe got to the final. Boris Becker was the better player in this game and won the tournament. After the tournament an event at Skovshoved Hotel was held were all had a good time in great sorrundings. The event were in cooperation with the manager of Skovshoved Hotel; Tofa Nadelmann. 


      Camilla Andersen Testimonial (2005)

      Brondby Hallen was part of one of the greatest female handball player's last game; Camilla Andersen. She played in the highly successful club; Slagelse. There was full house in Brondby Hallen and it was a great event with a great atmosphere. After the match a big party was held at the Hilton Hotel near the airport. 



      IHI - Cup Super Circuit (2005)

      f.reklame was the organiser of a great table tennis tournament where IHI was the main sponsor. Players like Jan-Ove Waldner, Vladimir Samsonov, Ryu Seung Min and Timo Boll were represented. f.reklame's own client; Michael Maze were represented as well and played very well and reached the semifinal. It was a huge success with a full KB Hallen and prize money of $175,000. Winner of IHI Cup was Timo Boll who won the final against Vladimir Samsonov. 


      H.C. Andersen Golf Masters (2005)

      f.reklame entered an agreement with Klaus Valbro and together they arranged 'H.C. Andersen Golf Masters'. The purpose was to give the Danish golf audience a unique oppotunity to experience the Danish 'European Tour' players at close range in an exiting tournament on Danish soil. H.C. Andersen Golf Masters was a tournament were Jutland played against Zealand and the islands in 2004 and 2005. TV2 Sporten transmitted live from both tournaments. The Jutland team consisted of Thomas Bjorn, Soren Kjledsen and Jeppe Huldahl. Zealand and the Islands consisted of Anders Hansen, Soren Hansen and Mads Vibe-Hastrup. 


      Legends Live (2004)

      After several succesful *Legends Live' events the tournament now expanded to be held over 2 days with now 4 players. There were 2 semifinals followed by a match for the 3rd and 4th place and a final. One thing remanined the same; to gather some of the world's greatest tennis legends to play a show match in Denmark. This time it was Mats Willander, Henri Leconte, John McEnroe and Michael Stich who were represented. It was a great event that eventually made the basis for the next 'Legends Live' events. 


      Venus Williams vs. Daniela Hantuchova (2002)

      3 exciting matches were played in "Parken". The main event consisted of Venus Williams against Daniela Hantuchova. The other matches were Kenneth Carlsen vs Andreas Vinciguerra and the current tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, who at that time was only 12 years old, had to play against Sisse Folmo. It was an outstanding event where the great star Venus Williams won the match against Daniela Hantuchova. 


      Legends Live (2002)

      It was the first time f.reklame worked together with the Swedish tennis player Stefan Edberg. He played against the German player Boris Becker. It was the first time f.reklame arranged a Legends Live event in Aarhus and there was an excellent help from the council of Aarhus and Sport Aarhus, which made the match possible. It was a very exciting match which Boris Becker won. 


      Legends Live (2001)

      A great match was arranged by f.reklame in KB Hallen between two of the world's greatest tennis legends. The american John McEnroe played against the German Boris Becker in a veteran show match. It was a very entertaining game and a great event with a good atmosphere in a filled KB Hallen.


      Copenhagen Open (2001)

      Number seven on the ATP world ranking of the world; Tim Henmann visited Denmark to play in KB Hallen. He apllied already in September to the ATP tournament "Copenhagen Open" in Copenhagen. He was the highest ranked player who had played in the tournament. f.reklame cooperated with him and he was a very pleasant mand. He participated in various things with the press, children, etc. He later won the tournament which also was the best of the tournaments in the history of Copenhagen Open.


      Lars Hogh Testimonial (2000)

      Lars Hogh played in OB where he had a contract that gave him the opportunity to play a testimonial match in the OB shirt where he chose to end his football career. Lars Hogh asked f.reklame if they would like to arrange his testimonial match. The match reached audience record at Odense stadium, and was in every way a great event and Lars Hogh was very happy.


      Legends Live (1999) 

      All tickets for the match between the past two world stars in tennis, Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe, were quickly sold out and became a crowded KB-hallen. Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe were previously the world's number 1 and number 2 and have worked together with Ole M. Frederiksen on many occasions in their major careers. The event was the first 'Legends Live' event, and some og the world's former top tennis players were represented and played show matches after their professional career. It was f.reklame who arranged the events and it was a huge success. 


      Manchester United vs. Brondby I.F. (1998)

      f.reklame was through a collaboration with Peter Schmeichel creators of the match in 'Parken' between Manchester United and Brondby I.F.. Peter Schmeichel is a former Brondby player and returned to Denmark, now in front of one of the world's greatest teams: Manchester United. Both Brondby and Manchester United played with their strongest lineup with names like; David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, and Paul Scholes.



      Ritter Classic (1998)

      Ritter Classic is a fun cycling race event which was founded by the former professional cyclist Ole Ritter, Henrik Elmgreen, Karl-Jan Heinsvig and Ole M. Frederiksen. It was held every year where a lot of Danes sign up for the exiting race. f.reklame were a part of the event for five years. 


      Marco Pantani at Langelinie (1998) 

      Within days of Marco Pantani winning the Tour de France Ole M. Frederiksen agreed with former cyclist Ole Ritter to contact Marco Pantani, and talk to him about comming to Denmark for cycling. A week after the Tour de France victory Marco Pantani actually came. The event was announced only two days before the race found its winner. Despite this, the event attracted a lot of cycling enthusiasts, and spectators flocked to Langelinie to see the best from the cycling world, the new Tour de France winner Marco Pantani. He was cycling against a number of major Danish riders including Bjarne Riis, Bo Hamburger and Rolf Sorensen. It was an overwhelming event with a fantastic number of spectators. The event was broadcasted live on TV 2.


      Copenhagen Open (1996) 

      f.reklame was the founder and organiser of the very prestigious ATP tournament 'Copenhagen Open', which was held in KB Hallen. It became a tradition that the winners of Copenhagen Open achieved great success afterwards. In 1996, f.reklame's client Kenneth Carlsen reached the final and played against Cedric Pioline. This was the best Danish performance so far in Copenhagen Open's history. Kenneth Carlsen lost the final and Piones won his first ATP victory. The prize pool for the tournament was US $ 200,000. 


      Kasparov at 'Valdemar Slot' (1990) 

      World champion and absolute best chess player ever Garri Kasparov came to Denmark to meet the Danish grandmaster Curt Hansen at 'Valdemar Slot'. There were four main sponsors for the event; Codan, Ekstra Bladet, Bikuben and Ramlosa. It was a great experience and a very exiting match which eventually ended in a draw. The reason that Garri Kasparov came to Denmark was because Ole M. Frederiksen read a book about the incrediable grandmaster. He found him so fascinating that he would try to arrange a match with him in Denmark. After meeting him and watched the match Ole was even more impressed. 


      Morten Olsen Testimonial (1989)

      Morten Olsen's last match was held on Lolland in B1901. The number of spectators made stadium record. There were two major sponsors of the event: SAS and Codan. People came from so many different places to see the Danish soccer star playing his last game. 

      Morten Olsen had played in Belgium where cycling star Eddy Merckx, who had great interest in soccer came from. Ole M. Frederiksen invited Eddy Merckx to come to Denmark as a guest of honor to see Morten Olsen play his last game. 


      Training camp in Columbia (1986)

      Ole M. Frederiksen collaborated with DBU and entered an agreement with the Colombian TV station Caracol Television, which resulted in the Danish National Team having their training camp in Colombia before the World Cup in Mexico. The Danish team played three matches at the training camp, which should prepare them to perform at their best at the World cup. 



      Tuborg Sport Cup (1983)

      KB Hallen provided the framework for two exiting matches with Tuborg as a main sponsor. The cup consisted of a main match between ATP rankings number 1 Yannick Noah who played against Mats Wilander. The show match was palyed by Ilie Nastase and Peter Bastiansen. The main match was very exciting and Yannick Noah won the fantastic match. 


      Ayub Kalule & Jorgen Hansen - sponsorship with AKAI (1980)

      In collaboration with Ole M. Frederiksen, Jorgen Hansen, who was the European Champion, made a sponsorship with the electronic company AKAI for the match against the World Champion; Ayub Kalule. 


      Copenhagen Cup (1980)

      Borg and Panatta represented Europe against the two Americans; Connors and Gerulaitis. The tournament was held over two days, and they were playing to win the prize of $120.000 in KB Hallen. It was a fantastic event, and it was the first time Connors was in Copenhagen. On the first day, Bjorn Borg played against Connors, and Panatta played against Gerulaitis. It ended up with them having to play an extra game in a double to find a winner. The Americans eventually won.


      Muhammad Ali (1979)

      The greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali, arrived in Denmark to fight an exhibition match against former wolrd champion Jimmy Ellis. Muhammad Ali held a speech in Copenhagen the day before the fight, and was afterwards heading to Randers where he fought Jimmy Ellis. 


      Tuborg Cup (1979) 

      The world's two best tennis players met at this event. The world number one, Bjorn Borg, meet world number two, John McEnroe, in Randers. The match was supossed to be held in Stockholm but it had to be moved because of terrorist threats. Therefore, f.reklame was contacted to arrange the match at surroundings nearby. There were only four weeks to arrange the match. Many locations had already been booked but eventually f.reklame manged to throw the match in Randers. It was a huge battle to be played on Danish ground. McEnroe stood as the winner after an exiting match.


      Scandinavian Open (1978) 

      World star jockey; Lester Piggott came to Denmark again to participate in Scandinavian Open. This time he rode on the English Pollonton. The prize money was DKK 400,000,- and Lester Piggott once again performed absolutely outstanding and won the Scandinavian Open Championship. 


      Scandinavian Open (1977) 

      World class gallop in Denmark at Galopbanen in Klampenborg (north of Copenhagen). It was with great pleasure to be able to present, in collaboration with Per Bustrup, the world's exceptional best jockey; Lester Piggott. It was the first time f.reklame made a cooperation with Galopbanen, which has been a long-term cooperation over the years since then. Lester Piggott rode the horse Trainer's Seat, which was trained by Norwegian Terry Dahl. Lester Piggott won. 


      Pondus Cup (November 1976) 

      Only a few months after the previous super match between Lile Nastase and Björn Borg was held, one more Pondus Cup were arranged in cooperation with Danske Bank to repeat the success. This time two more players were introduced, Fibak and Panatta. Llile Nastase and Björn Borg also attende this Pondus Cup. They were playing for a prize of $ 70,000,- and Wotjek Fabik ended up as the winner. 


      Pondus Cup (April 1976)

      A fantastic match at Pondus Cup between two of the best tennis players took place in Brondby Hallen in cooperation with Danske Bank. It was an intense battle between Llile Nastase and Björn Borg as they played in a crowded Brondby Hallen where Llie Nastase won. This was the first time Ole M. Frederiksen worked with Björn Borg, and is said to be one of the highlights in creating interest for tennis in Denmark.


      Akai Cup (1975)

      Both Ole Ritter and Ole M. Frederiksen were former butchers, and in connection to that they created a cycling event in characteristic surroundings in cooperation with sound and construction giant; Akai. The lineup for the race in the Meatpacking District of Vesterbro, Copenhagen were former Tour de France winners Ocana and Thevent, Italien champion Moser, 6-day race winner Duyndam, former world champion Mortensen, and world record holder Ole Ritter. The Meatpacking District was full of spectators, and formed a very special surrounding. Francesco Moser ended up as the winner. 


      Pernod Cup (1975)

      The world's greatest athlete in 1975, Eddy Merckx arrived in Denmark to participate in Pernod Cup to compete against Ole Ritter, Leif Mortensen, Frans Verbeeck, Roy Schuiten and Leo Duyndam in the streets of Norrebro, Copenhagen. It was a great attraction with world famous riders. Eddy Merckx ended up with a convincing victory in front of up to 40,000 cheering spectators.


      Brown Label Tournament (1973)

      The whiskey brand, Brown Label, is the main sponsor for the first event where Ole M. Frederiksen takes part. 32 of the world's best tennis players participate in KB Hallen to compete for the $ 50,000,- prize pool. Because of the many players the matches were held over two days. Exiting names like the world champion Ken Rosewall, Arthur Ashe, Tom Okker, Alex Metreveli, Fred Stolle, Jan Kodes, Marty Riessen and Danish Jorgen and Torben Ulrik participated. The British Roger Taylor won against Marty Riessen in the final.