Table Tennis
  • BORN

    01 September 1981 (age 38)




    • * European champion (single) (2009)
    • * Olympic bronze medal (double) (2004)
    • * BT Gold (2005)
    • * Bronze medal, World Championship (single) (2005)
I am proud of the results I have achieved during my career. I am very sad to leave the sport that has defined me in so many years.
Michael Maze (about his career stop)

MICHAEL MAZE - Table Tennis Legend

Over the past years Michael Maze has established himself as one of the most successful table tennis players on the international stage. By securing medals at both the World Championships, the European Championships and at the Olympic Games, he has been able to bring an increased amount of attention to the sport.

On several occasions Michael Maze has proved himself worthy of a place in the history books of Danish table tennis. Along with doubles partner Finn Tugwell he took home a silver medal at the Stuttgart European Team Championships in 2009. In the singles competition he then went on to manage an impressive 16 straight wins before claiming the European gold medal in 2009.

In 2004 Michael Maze together with Finn Tugwell secured the first Olympic medal in Danish table tennis history, taking bronze at the 2004 Athens Olympics. He was also the first Danish player ever to claim a bronze medal at the World Championships. Eurosport has since described his win to take 3rd as one of the most memorable comebacks in the history of table tennis.

Michael Maze is a major personality in China where table tennis is the national sport. More than 100 million Chinese viewers regularly follow his matches on Chinas number one TV station CCTV5.

His impenetrable defense and agility around the table is feared by his competitors. This, along with having one of the best forehands in the game, makes Michael Maze an extremely 'dangerous' player.

Michael Maze’s commitment and passion for his sport is second to none. He has proven this by beating a number of the top Chinese players, thereby earning admiration and respect in the nation that is home to table tennis. 

Michael Maze retired as a professional player in 2016. He has now engaged in a spiring business career being part of the online fitness company NABUFIT Through this he is able to combine the years of training with a wish to inspire future generations.

If You are interested in hearing more about endorsement, personal appearance and sponsor opportunities please do not hesitate to contact CEO, Mads H. Frederiksen, mhf@f-reklame.dk, +45 28 34 07 24.



Career Highlights 

Former Clubs

  • Roskilde Bordtennis Club
  • Düsseldorf
  • Levallois Sporting Club 


2009 - European Championship

  • European Champion (single)
  • Silver medal (for teams)



  • French Club Champion (Levallois Sporting Club)



  • Bronze medal, European Championship (single)


2005 - European Championship

  • European Champion (for teams)
  • Bronze medal (single)


  • Bronze medal, World Championship (single)



  • European Top 12 champion (Frankfurt)
  • Bonze medal, Athens Olympic Games (double)
  • Bronze medal, World Championship (single)



  • Winner of Europe Top 12 (Frankfurt)



  • Player of the year 8 times
  • 'BT Gold' for 2005's greatest sports performance