400m Hurdler
  • BORN

    09 April 1987 (age 33)




    • * Idraetsprisen (2016)
    • * Olympic Silver medal (2016)
    • * European Champion (2016)
    • * 4th pl. World Championship (2015)
Sara Slott has managed to write sports history being the first woman to win an athletics European gold medal and being the first female individual athlete since 1948 to bring an Olympic medal home to Denmark. Moreover she has managed to combine elite sport, education and family life which make her a fantastic ambassador for the Danish elite sports model.
Mette Bock - Minister of Culture, Denmark

SARA SLOTT - Denmark's Running Star #1

Sara Slott started athletics at the age of 13. She has won several youth and senior championships and has set multiple records. In 2003 she won a gold medal at the youth Olympics in the 400m hurdles. 

In 2012 she participated at the Olympics in London where she reached the semi-finals. Shortly after she got pregnant and in 2013 she gave birth to her son Tobias. 

Giving birth to her son was a crucial turn in her career because it was a transformed Sara Slott that came back. She kept beating her own records and in 2015 she reahced a very high international level finishing 4th at the World Championships in Beijing. 


This was just the beginning of two very successful years for Sara Slott. She was now at a level where she got invited to the prestigeful Diamond League Series and marked her name as one of the top international hurdlers. 

2016 was Sara Slott's year. She started by winning the gold medal at the European Championships in Amsterdam.  This was the first European title ever for a Danish woman in athletics. She kept her great form until the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio where she ran an all time best and new Nordic record when she won a silver medal. This was the first Danish medal ever for a woman in a running discipline.

Besides being a hurdler Sara is now finalising her human nutrition education.

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Career Highlights


  • 4th  pl. Diamond League (Zürich)
  • 4th  pl. World Championships (London)


  • Idraetsprisen from the Danish Ministry of Culture
  • European Champion (Amsterdam)
  • Silver medal, Olympic Games (Rio)



  • 4th pl. World Championships (Beijing)



  • DQ false start, European Championships (Zurich)



  • 19th pl. Olympic Games (London)
  • 9th pl. European Championships (Helsinki)


  • 18th pl. World Championships (Daegu)
  • 4th pl. The Universiade (student olympics, Shenzhen)



  • 20th pl. European Championships (Barcelona)



  • 19th pl. World Championships (Berlin)
  • 3rd pl. The Universiade (student Olympics, Serbia)
  • 6th pl. U23 European Championships (Kaunas)